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China jails journalist for “leaked state secrets”


A Beijing court has jailed Gao Yu (71) one of China’s top journalists, for leaking a confidential paper to a foreign website. The document detailed the Communist party leadership’s resolve to curb the spread of western democracy, universal values, civil society and press freedom. The court verdict now seems to confirm the authenticity of this document, which was first reported on in June 2013. It shows the Communist party’s fear for social organizations outside of its own control — as was obvious with their detention of five women’s rights activists for planning a protest, just last month. Gao Yu denied the charges (which possibly carry a life sentence), and her lawyers said they would definitely appeal the verdict. Amnesty International called her conviction “an affront to justice” saying that Gao became “the victim of vaguely worded and arbitrary state-secret laws that are used against activists as part of the authorities’ attack on freedom of expression.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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