Pay what you're paid

Pittsburgh store charges women 76% of the price to make up for wage gap

A pop-up store in Pittsburgh is charging women just 76% of the full price for their products.  The “discount” aims to make up for the wage gap, and reflects what women are making in Pennsylvania compared to men. “Pay What You’re Paid” is the store’s slogan – graphic designer Elana Schenkler came up with the idea after she read about an artist in the 60’s who was charging women only 50% of the price. “I know a lot of women don’t feel appreciated or as valued as they should in the workplace, and I thought there was something I could do to help a little,” she told Buzzfeed. All the items in the store are handmade exclusively by women artists, and vary from home decor to food and publications. The store will only be open for the month of April, but Schenkler is taking her idea on the road, heading to New Orleans in the fall (where women earn just 66 cents to the dollar!) and hoping to expand it to different cities across the United States.

Read the full story at Buzzfeed.

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