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Israeli artist gives Hillary Clinton a makeover

Hipster illustration of Hillary Clinton by Amit Shimoni

Hipster illustration of Hillary Clinton by Amit Shimoni

Earlier this month, The New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton had hired a communications expert to help broadcast her warm and funny side to the public. But Israeli artist Amit Shimoni has put forth his own version of Clinton’s image shake-up, reimagining the presidential hopeful as a beaming hipster.

In Shimoni’s illustration, Clinton wears a leaf-patterned blouse and a chunky, gold necklace. She sports a silver bob with purple tinges at the tips—an all-the-rage style that has become known on social media as “granny hair” (and an appropriate look for Clinton, considering her affinity for purple and her efforts to cast herself as a loving grandmother). An eagle tattoo peeks out from beneath the left sleeve of Clinton’s shirt.

The portrait of Clinton is the latest installment of SHEPSTORY, an illustrated series by Shimoni that pays tribute to the enduring legacies of powerful women by rendering them in the styles of the young and hip.

Shimoni launched the series with portraits of women who have made a lasting imprint on the political sphere: Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, and Golda Meir. Shimoni began drawing Clinton last month, a decision that was reinforced when she announced her bid for the presidency this past Sunday.

“[Clinton] has the potential to not only change America, but … also inspire women around the world,” Shimoni toldWomen in the World in an email. “She just needs to make this final step. I believe she can, and—to add my personal wish—I hope she will.”

Hillary Clinton will be giving the keynote address on April 23 at the Women in the World Summit. To purchase tickets to the event, click here.

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