Fondling fiasco

Denver airport TSA screeners fired over groping accusations

Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Two TSA screeners at Denver International Airport were fired after their alleged fondling scheme was exposed. The two officers, one man and one woman, devised a mini conspiracy that would allow the man to grope attractive male passengers, according to a TSA report. Whenever a fetching man approached the scanning machine, the male screener would give a signal to the woman screener, which prompted her to press a button that would make it appear as though there was something hidden in the passenger’s groin. This would then trigger a pants pat down and the unnecessary fondling of passengers’ crotches, authorities said. The two screeners allegedly did this at least 10 times until their system was foiled when an anonymous employee alerted TSA about their groping antics. “These alleged acts are egregious and intolerable,” the TSA said in a statement. “TSA has removed the two officers from the agency. All allegations of misconduct are thoroughly investigated by the agency. And when substantiated, employees are held accountable.”

Read the full story at The Denver Post.

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