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Saudi Arabia beheads “mentally ill” female domestic worker

By WITW Staff on April 15, 2015

In a move that’s sparked international criticism, officials in Saudi Arabia have executed Siti Zainab, an Indonesian woman who’d been held on death row there for 15 years after she confessed to killing her abusive employer. Amnesty International blasted the beheading and criticized Saudi officials for depriving Zainab of legal counsel during all stages of the adjudication process. She confessed to stabbing her boss in 1999, but police suspected her of suffering from mental illness at the time of the confession. Amnesty International described the execution as a breach of a U.N. resolution that prohibits nations from deploying capital punishment against those thought to be suffering with mental illness. “Imposing the death penalty and executing someone with a suspected mental illness smacks of a basic lack of humanity,” a spokesman for the human rights group reportedly said. Moreover, some have speculated Zainab was acting in self-defense when she killed her employer.

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