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Pope Francis: “More authority must be given to women”

Luca Zennaro/Pool via The New York Times

He’s not a regular pope; he’s a pretty cool pope. In the past, Pope Francis revealed his relaxed stance — in terms of Catholic doctrine, at least — on abortion and gays and, once again, he showed why he’s earning the title “Coolest Pope Ever.” On Wednesday, during his weekly speech in St. Peter’s Square, the 78-year-old pontiff addressed the role of women in the Church and society at large. As he stood before the crowd, he announced his belief that “more weight and more authority must be given to women,” and that the difference between men and women was “not for opposition or subordination, but for communion and creation.” He stressed the importance of treating women with respect and “more creativity and boldness,” like Jesus did. “We have not yet understood in depth what things the feminine genius can give us, that woman can give to society and also to us,” the pontiff declared. With a talk like that, he just raised the odds that he’ll be mobbed by excited nuns again sometime.

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