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Cate Blanchett blasts media coverage of women at award ceremonies

Cate Blanchett has once again taken on the media for their obsession with women’s fashion on the red carpet, urging them to focus their questions on their movies instead. “The way women are asked about those red-carpet moments. Oh my God. It’s just a dress!” she told Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar. “[People] forget the fact that women are up there because they’ve given extraordinary performances. It’s a wonderful excuse to dress up and have F.U.N. But let’s not forget the work.” Her comments come on the heels of a campaign launched by the “Representation Project,” using the hashtag #askhermore during this most recent awards season to highlight the superficiality of red-carpet interviews with women. Blanchett has expressed her frustration on the issue before when she called out E’s Glam Cam for panning up and down her dress, asking: “Do you do that to the guys?”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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