Powerful and inspiring #ToTheGirls goes viral on Twitter

On Tuesday, the hashtag gave girls around the world real-time, real-world advice


To promote the launch of her book All the Rage, author Courtney Summers launched a clever social media campaign on Tuesday that itself became…all the rage. People took to Twitter using the hashtag #ToTheGirls to post encouraging, loving messages to young women that collectively felt like telegrams from protective, all-knowing older siblings all over the globe.

Fittingly, All the Rage investigates the setbacks young women can face when they don’t have adequate support. It follows the story of a girl shunned by her peers after speaking up about an assault. “I write about girls because girls, and their stories, matter,” said Summers on BlogHer. Below, take a look at some of the most inspiring photo tweets we found #ToTheGirls.

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