Man’s rape T-shirt at music festival sparks outrage

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Concertgoers at the Coachella 2015 music festival in California said a man’s T-shirt with the words “Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat,” is a depressing “new low” and a total “disgrace.” Photos of the man wearing the shirt and an obnoxious smile, as he flashed the peace sign to the camera, surfaced over the weekend and triggered an uproar after an editor for Vice posted it online. The shirt’s offensive slogan appears to be a spoof of the Fatboy Slim song “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat.” Many people lashed out at the unidentified man on Twitter as well, with one person saying, “can’t even understand why some one would think that’s funny … Or wearable in public.” Others on Twitter were more blunt, saying the guy is a “prick.” Hard to disagree with that assessment.

Read the full story at the New York Daily News.

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