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Clinton has appeared at the annual Women in the World Summit in New York six times.

And counting

Hillary Clinton’s greatest moments at Women in the World

By Cynthia Allum on April 12, 2015

This post has been updated as of June 8, 2016.

As Hillary Clinton makes “herstory” by becoming the first woman to be a major political party’s nominee for president, Women in the World looks back at some of the highlights from her 6 appearances at our annual Summit in New York.

2015: “There has never been a better time in history to be born female.”

Highlights: her mother as her “earliest inspiration” and women being “agents of change”

2014: “Not right now” 

Tom Friedman jokingly tried to get Clinton to commit to running: “Madame Secretary, is there any other job you’d be interested in? I mean… Comptroller of the state of Illinois, or something? You know what I mean…” But, she didn’t take the bait.

Highlights: women’s rights as an economic issue and the double standard for women.

2013: “It is no coincidence that so many of the countries that threaten regional and global peace are the very places where women and girls are deprived of dignity and opportunity.”
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Highlights: the necessity of gender equality around the world and how women can be peacemakers.

2012: “You can look around the world today and you can see the difference that individual women leaders are making.”

Highlight: the “age of participation” and how women can change the world.

2011: “Women must be equal partners in the work ahead.”

Highlights: the Middle East women’s revolution and the importance of girls’ education.

2010: “Women’s progress is human progress.”

Highlight: there are still “places where women’s rights may exist on the books, but not on the streets.”

Bonus: Meryl Streep’s surprise tribute to Hillary Clinton