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Agent provocateur

Secret Service manager suspended for alleged sex assault

By WITW Staff on April 11, 2015

Secret Service agents are supposed to be upstanding citizens, and rightly so. Only the most noble individuals can be trusted to protect the President or teach one of his daughters how to drive. But this was a pretty rough week for the federal law enforcement agency when Xavier Morales, a senior supervisor, was suspended for alleged sexually assaulting a female employee. The woman accused her married boss for making “unwanted sexual advances” at the agency’s headquarters after a party in downtown D.C. At the party, he allegedly told her he loved her and wanted to have sex with her, and afterwards back in the office, he became much more forward. It turns out that Morales might’ve lacked some morals. He was swiftly put on indefinite leave this week, while D.C. police’s sex-crimes unit and a government inspector general are spearheading the investigation into these “disturbing” allegations. As if that wasn’t enough to mar the Secret Service’s shining reputation, an off-duty agent was arrested on Friday for trying to kick in his ex-girlfriend’s front door. Looks like the agency needs to spiff up its security clearance division, which, ironically, Morales helped oversee.

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