Yazidi sex-slaves gang-raped in public by ISIS


Earlier this week, about 200 Yazidi women were released by ISIS fighters in Himera, near Kirkurk. They were part of a group of hundreds of women and children, abducted by ISIS from the town of Sinjar, in Northern Iraq, and held hostage for more than eight months. Some of them have been sold as sex-slaves, others given away as “prizes”. The ones that have been released now have come forward with absolutely horrifying stories of the physical and sexual violence they suffered. Children were separated from their mothers and “distributed among houses” in Mosul and Tal Afar. “If you come and sit with the girls you will find different stories from girl to girl. A lot of them have been sold to Isis fighters, they have been raped in […] public, and by more than two or three people at a time,” Ziyad Shammo Khalaf, who works with the Yazda organisation to support Yazidi victims, told the International Business Times. “They were tortured, beaten and subject to any type of violence.” These stories confirm earlier reports about the plight of Yazidi girls and women from Amnesty International from November 2014.

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