A mother’s grief

South Carolina cop’s mother says Walter Scott shooting was “not a racial thing”

Screenshot/ABC News

In a stirring interview with ABC News, Karen Sharpe, mother of the South Carolina police officer who fatally shot Walter Scott, discusses the overwhelming grief her family and Scott’s relatives are going through. Her son, Michael Slager, fatally shot 50-year-old Scott on Saturday morning after he pulled Scott over for an apparent broken tail-light. Cellphone footage captured by an eyewitness, which Sharpe “just can’t” watch, showed Slager firing eight rounds at Scott. Sharpe said she’s praying for Scott’s family as his son sits in prison. “Their life will never be the same again and my life will never be the same again,” she said. Sharpe has also been accompanying her daughter-in-law, who is eight months pregnant, to the doctor as Slager sits in jail, facing murder charges. She defended her son, saying that he “loved being a police officer” and the shooting could not have been racially motivated. “He was not taught that. I don’t — it is not a racial thing,” Sharpe said.

Read the full story at ABC News.

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