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Hillary Clinton to announce presidential campaign on Sunday

Tyler Bissmeyer/The New York Times

Is America a step closer to getting its first female president? The Guardian is reporting that Hillary Clinton intends to announce her presidential bid on Sunday via Twitter, while en route to Iowa. She will follow up the announcement with an email and video announcement, followed by a call with advisers in key battleground states, and then embark on a “blitzkrieg” tour of those primary states. She will be the first Democrat to announce her 2016 candidacy, and is widely considered the frontrunner. Her campaign will kick off in Iowa, the state where she came in third (behind Barack Obama and John Edwards) in the 2008 caucus, and, therefore, it’s considered a possible weak spot in her campaign. Clinton has been quietly building up a ground operation in Iowa with a number of veteran Democratic operatives. She is expected to raise “an insane amount of money” in the first week of her campaign, expected to dwarf all previous presidential campaigns, according to one Clinton aide. Her campaign trail will make a pit stop at our very own Women In The World Summit, on the afternoon of Thursday April 23, where she will speak about women’s and girls advancement around the world — a theme we hope she will make central to her campaign.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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