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Helen Mirren thinks calling a woman “sassy” is insulting


Helen Mirren called for a new vocabulary to define a woman’s humor, saying she believes calling a woman “sassy” is insulting, and that she hates when she is described as taking on ‘feisty roles.’ “Only women are feisty. It makes me gag,” Mirren said in an interview with the London Times. “We need new words for female power and funniness and smartness.” However, she also had some strong words for women too — saying the “level of cruelty and judgementalism” of women towards other women, particularly in the age of social media, saying it is more damaging “than from men to women nowadays.” The Oscar-winning actress is currently promoting her new movie, Women in Gold, a biopic about a Jewish refugee who sets out to reclaim five Gustav Klimt paintings, stolen from her family by the nazis. Dame Helen Mirren has been very outspoken about women’s issues recently, decrying pay inequality and the lack of good roles for women in Hollywood. She will undoubtedly address some of those very issues at the upcoming Women in the World Summit, on Thursday, April 23.

Read the full story at The Independent.

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