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Texas dad crunches numbers, figures out salary stay-at-home moms should be paid

Gloriana Kaiser Nelms/Facebook

In terms of an annual salary, what is the market value of a stay-at-home mom’s work? Good question. It’s been much debated over the years, and recently Steven Nelms set out to settle on a number. He and his wife, Gloria, had just welcomed a baby boy and they wanted to figure out what would be more cost effective: For her to work or stay home and take care of their son. According to his calculations, Nelms said an annual salary of $73,960 would be what it would cost them to pay someone else to do the job. The results of his little math project went viral. Nelms isn’t the first to do such a calculation; others who’ve crunched the numbers have come up with a range of salaries — from over $100,000 to less than what Nelms computed. He said the majority of the reaction to his salary figure has been positive. The moral of the story: Steve learned the real meanings of shared income and appreciation. Smart dude.

Read the full story at BuzzFeed.

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