Unfriendly skies

Airline apologizes for booting cancer patient off flight


After celebrating her 14th wedding anniversary with her family in Hawaii, Elizabeth Sedway was ready to head home. As she was settling into her seat in the handicapped section of an Alaska Airlines flight, an employee asked her how she was doing. When she said she “sometimes felt weak,” her reply prompted a call to a doctor, and she was escorted off the plane. Although the employee was just following protocol, Sedway recorded the incident and shared her frustration with feeling “criminal or contagious” on Facebook. She eventually returned home to San Jose and received an apology from Alaska Airlines, but she’s still upset about the repercussions. “Because of this, I will miss my chemotherapy, my children will miss school and my husband will miss important meetings,” she said. This poor woman’s story is just the latest example of how inefficient and outdated strict airline policies can be.

Read the full story at CNN.

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