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Uber asks US Court to dismiss complaint filed by Indian rape victim

Emily Berl/The New York Times

Uber just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. An alleged Indian rape victim, who says she was beaten and raped after hailing an Uber ride in Delhi last December, sued the car-hailing service in an American federal court in January, claiming they had failed to follow basic safety procedures. The company has now asked the court to dismiss this claim, since they maintain that they cannot be held legally responsible for their driver’s acts. “While plaintiff undoubtedly can state a claim against her alleged assailant, she cannot state a claim against Uber US, which is the wrong party. Nor does California law govern a dispute involving an alleged wrong committed by one Indian citizen against another Indian citizen, in India,” Uber said in their filing. While the intricacies of international law undoubtedly make for a complex case, the ongoing controversies surrounding the safety of women using the taxi service should be a serious cause of concern for the company.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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