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Plot where you’ve been sexually abused on this map


What if you could mark all the places you’ve been groped, flashed, and raped on an interactive map? Well, now you can, especially if you’re in India. Three women have joined forces to build a much-needed website called Mapping Sexual Violence, where anyone can report incidents and share stories of sexual assault to connect with other victims. Although it’s relatively new, visitors to the site can already read accounts from people who have been abused by relatives, friends, boyfriends, teachers, shopkeepers, and scooter-riding strangers. The creators were inspired by personal experiences and the rape culture in India. “I don’t think everyone realizes how pervasive it is — and that’s because we don’t talk about it, as a consequence of which we don’t report it,” says one of the creators, Samhita Arni. “And then they say that the incidence of sexual violence in India isn’t as bad as, say, in Sweden, if you adjust for population size. But because we don’t talk about or report these incidents, the statistics have no way of accurately reflecting how endemic this violence is.” This is certainly one way to spark dialogues about the prevalence of sexual predators, not to mention a welcome tool in a country where an Uber driver allegedly raped one of his passengers. The creators plan on expanding it to more regional Indian languages and adding more features to end sexual violence.

Read the full story at The Hindustan Times.


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