Family tragedy

Pakistani man killed 10 relatives over a marriage proposal, police say

A Pakistani bride. ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images

In Pakistan, Gul Ahmed Said shot and killed his uncle, aunt, and eight of his cousins after the uncle refused to let him marry his daughter, authorities in Islamabad said. The 24-year-old woman Said wished to marry was also his cousin, and she was among the dead. “There was a dispute over the marriage proposal,” a senior superintendent of the local police said. It’s believed that the argument sprang from a disagreement over the amount of gold that Said would offer his uncle for his cousin’s hand. Said is accused of entering the family’s home in the middle of the night and then fatally shooting each victim in the head. The youngest among the dead was 12-years-old. The tragedy comes just five months after Said murdered his own parents, his brother, and his sister-in-law, after Said’s father asked him to delay marrying his cousin. Said escaped and is described to be in his mid-20s. Police suspect Said committed the crime with the help of an accomplice.

Read the full story at The New York Times.

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