Iran partially lifts ban on women attending sports games


Iran is on quite the hot streak lately. On the heels of the historic nuke deal negotiated last week, authorities have announced that they will begin allowing women to attend men’s sports matches — within certain limits. On Saturday, Iran’s State Security Council approved a plan by its sports minister to allow women and families to attend some male sports events. They said the new rules should be implemented some time later this year, but it was unclear which stadiums and sports would allow women spectators. The ban has been in place since 1979, when a revolution brought hard-line Islamic clerics to power, and was intended to prevent men and women from fraternizing in public. The controversial ban grabbed the world’s attention last year when a British-Iranian woman was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison after trying to attending a volleyball match between Iran and Italy. The change may have something to do with Iran losing its bid to host FIFA’s Asia Cup in 2019 —  just last month, FIFA President Sepp Blatter urged Iran to end the “intolerable” ban on women attending soccer matches.

Read the full story at Haaretz.


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