Gone too soon

Hayley Okines, teen battling premature aging, dies at age 17


Although doctors did not believe she would live past the age of 13, Hayley Okines bravely went beyond their expectations. Okines was the victim of a progeria, an incurable disease that causes premature aging. This accelerated her life eight times faster than normal, giving the teenager with a 104-year-old’s body. With only fifty known progeria cases in the world, Okines campaigned and shared her unique story with millions of fans, through TV documentaries, interviews, and her autobiography, Old Before My Time, which she wrote when she was 14. She even organized an annual reunion for the families affected by the genetic condition. Okines’s struggle propelled her to courageously live to the hilt, and her passion for life continues to inspire people all over. As she once said, “I don’t think about dying and just enjoy life.

Read the full story at The Daily Mirror.

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