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Flight attendants union criticizing Nicole Kidman for her new Etihad campaign

Noel West/The New York Times

25,000 American flight attendants are attacking Nicole Kidman for starring in Etihad Airways’ new “Hollywood Glamour” campaign. The Association of Professional Flight Attendants have written an open letter to the actress, saying that her role in the campaign conflicts with her role as a United Nations women’s goodwill ambassador. They remind her that Etihad and other United Arab Emirates airlines “are well-known in our industry for their discriminatory labour practices and deplorable treatment of female employees.” Etihad denied the claims, saying that they “value” their employees and “treat them with dignity and respect.” If Kidman wants to support gender equality, she will have to stop promoting a such a controversial company that allegedly may fire pregnant women.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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