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Longtime gun control advocate Sarah Brady dies at 73

By WITW Staff on April 3, 2015

Sarah Kemp Brady, the wife of the late James Brady, died Friday at her retirement community in Virginia at the age of 73. Brady became a tenacious activist for gun control after her husband was paralyzed in an assassination attempt against President Reagan in 1981. James Brady, who was Reagan’s press secretary at the time, was shot in the head by John Hinckley. In the ensuing years, Sarah took care of James and stood up to gun companies, once leaving a voicemail message for a gun company that said it was her life’s work to put them out of business. She also chaired the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Moreover, she was an influential voice in the genesis of the Brady Bill, a piece of gun-control legislation signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993. Her husband died last year also at the age of 73.

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