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Girls learning how to code in Ghanaian slum

"We are having a wonderful time teaching girls from the slum in nima to code.#techneedsgirlsgh" Instagram/@ragyare

In Nima, a squalid neighborhood in Ghana’s capital Accra, a group of young girls are learning HTML. When their families convene weekly at a mosque, they seat themselves in a room above their praying parents, in front of computer screens, where they learn to code and maintain a blog aptly titled “Slum Voices”. The program is the brainchild of tech entrepreneur Regina Agyare, who turned what was supposed to be a one-time teaching session into a weekly routine. The program is desperately needed in a predominantly Muslim slum. “Girls were being forced to marry early; [denied] their right to go to school,” said Agyare. “Most of their dreams and aspirations were limited to just what was around them.” By exposing them to information technology, she’s combatting gender inequality and opening their eyes to the outside world, not to mention their potential. “I definitely feel [technology] has given them more of a voice,” Agyare said. “I feel like it’s allowed them to express themselves and interact with others… for them, it’s important to be heard.”

Read the full story at CNN.

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