Border battle

Mothers detained at Texas immigration facility go on hunger strike

The 78 mothers who are being held at the Karnes detention center in Texas have signed a letter in Spanish demanding their release from the facility and saying they’ll refuse to use any of its services. About 40 of them are reportedly going on a hunger and work strike. Most of the women are from Central America and seeking asylum in the United States. According to Cristina Parker, from the immigration advocacy group Grassroots Projects, two women who were identified as leaders of the group have already been moved to isolated rooms. Their letter says they have all been refused bond despite the fact that their claims of a credible fear of torture or prosecution in case of deportation has been positively assessed, and some of their children being offered release. Some of the women and their children have been detained for 10 months, they say. “The condition in which our children find themselves are not good. Our children are not eating well and every day they are losing weight. Their health is deteriorating. We know that any mother would do what we are doing for their children.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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