Sick Songs

The return of the wildly sexist Air Force songbook

Titles of the 77th Fighter Squadron’s unofficial lyrics include “Pubic Hair” and “The Kotex Song”

Jennifer Smith at her home. Rich Addicks/The New York Times

An unofficial, sexually-explicit songbook has been cited in a lawsuit against the Defense Department that seeks to bar military commanders from overseeing sexual assault cases, Stars and Stripes reports. The 130-page book, which is stamped with the playing cards logo of the Air Force’s 77th Fighter Squadron, was originally made public by an assault victim in 2012. But plaintiffs of the current lawsuit claim that the songbook is still being used by officers and commanders.

The book is printed and bound in the style of official Air Force publications. It includes some 70-odd songs with titles like “Pubic Hair,” “The Kotex Song,” “Will You Suck Me Tomorrow,” “The Hair on Her Diki-Di-Doo,” and “Bestiality.” The songs’ lyrics describe rape, menstruation, female genitalia, child sex, and gay airmen.

Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Smith, who is a plaintiff of the current lawsuit, originally brought the songbook to the attention of the Air Force three years ago in a complaint that included accounts of sexual assault and harassment. “Six officers were punished in my case,” she said during a press conference on Tuesday, according to the Navy Times. “All the officers received nothing more than a piece of paper reprimanding them for their behavior. All will still lead. All will oversee airmen and sexual assault claims.”

Smith is one of four sexual assault victims who have filed a lawsuit in federal court that aims to stop the Defense Department from putting military commanders in charge of sex assault cases that occur within their units. Commanders, the plaintiffs claim, cannot be impartial in such cases because they know the parties involved.

Sexual assault advocates say that the songbook is proof of a culture of toxic misogyny within the Air Force that extends to the highest ranks.


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