It’s now even easier to share photos of your kids on Facebook. But will you do it?

But first you need to be in a Facebook-sanctioned relationship


It’s a great day for parents who love sharing adorable photos of their kids on Facebook (and not such a great day for curmudgeonly friends who hate seeing said photos in their newsfeed). The social network has rolled out a new photo-sharing feature on Wednesday that is geared towards the parents of young children. Scrapbook, as the new feature is called, lets parents collect photos of their kids in a centralized, customizable location.

To create a scrapbook, parents have to list their child’s name under their relationship information on Facebook (and yes, kids without a Facebook account can be added to the list). Whenever a parent tags a photo of their child, it automatically gets added to the scrapbook. Parents can also co-own the album, so photos of their child will be visible to both of their friend networks.

The feature includes beefed-up security: there is no facial-recognition for children, the scrapbooks include customizable privacy settings, and parents can use a moniker for their child if they don’t want his or her name appearing on Facebook.

But the pilot version of Scrapbook is still a bit clunky. Parents can only share access to a scrapbook album if they are listed as being “in a relationship.” That means divorced parents, or parents who are otherwise not together, would not be able to create a joint scrapbook unless they entered into some sort of Facebook-sanctioned relationship. For those who aren’t willing to label their dynamic as “It’s Complicated,” it may feel like the social network is imposing a rigid definition of what constitutes a family.

It’s also questionable as to whether or not Scrapbook’s security settings will appeal to parents who are concerned about protecting their children’s identity and security. Would you be willing to experiment with Facebook’s new photo-sharing feature?


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