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British artist unveils “Great Wall of Vagina” in US

Hot Gossip Italia/(CC BY 2.0)

Jamie McCartney, a vulva artist from Great Britain, wanted to dispel insecurities and anxieties about female body image. So, he — yep, Jamie’s a guy — set out to create a cast of hundreds of womens’ vulvas that would be showcased in Boulder, Colorado. He recruited real women from the Boulder area to take part in his project, from an 18-year-old to a 76-year-old grandmother. The result, known as “The Great Wall of Vagina,” is a 26-foot-long, sculpture that features 400 plaster casts of a range of vulvas — all shapes and sizes. The work of art is meant to break common perceptions of the vagina and nude photography perpetuated in pornographic content that is often associated with nude photography. McCartney came up with idea after he learned how prevalent labia reduction surgery was becoming. He wanted to create something body positive that would underscore his mantra: “Don’t change your parts, change your partner.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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