Tech meets tradition

Women in Bolivia are weaving to save hearts, and lives

Screenshot from video/BBC

In Bolivia, a group of indigenous women are creating high-tech medical devices by hand. The Aymara women have centuries of experienced knitting and weaving. Now, they’re applying their expertise to a device that’s used to seal up a “hole in the heart” that some babies are born with. The device, known as an occluder, was designed by Franz Freudenthal, a cardiologist who set up a clinic in La Paz to help children with heart problems. Since the device is difficult to mass-produce, he enlisted the help of Bolivia’s traditional craft knitters. In a country with one of the highest child mortality rates in the world, the work of these skilled women is making a big impact. “We are very happy, we are doing something for someone so they can live,” said knitter Daniela Mendoza.

Read the full story at the BBC.

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