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Helen Mirren says it’s hard for women to make a living in film and television

Josh Haner/The New York Times

Dame Helen Mirren – who will be gracing the stage at our upcoming Women In The World Summit in New York – is the latest star to offer her two cents on the unfair treatment of women in Hollywood. In an interview with Radio Times Magazine she said that, while she herself has been lucky, it’s much harder for female actors to get work in film and television. “There are a few women in main roles and although it’s changing it’s still difficult for most to earn a living … Many I grew up with are immensely talented yet can’t. It’s much easier for men.” In the conversation, she also reacted to rumors that she is one of the highest-paid Hollywood actresses (“insanely and outrageously wrong,” she said) and revealed that she intends to stop working at some point (“I don’t think ‘dying on the job’ is such a wonderful thing”). Even more surprising, the actress, who is currently receiving standing ovations on Broadway for her performance as Queen Elizabeth II, said that she still has to deal with stage fright and sees the “abyss” when she’s on stage. “Theatre is always nerve-racking. I’m afraid of losing my voice, having enough energy, and not getting sick.”

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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