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Anti C-section meme on Facebook triggers big uproar

Facebook/Disciples of the New Dawn

According to a Facebook group calling itself Disciples of the New Dawn, moms who give birth by Caesarean section are selfish, “lazy” and may find themselves, “cast into the lake of fire for doing so.” The group further claims C-section moms haven’t actually given birth and members have posted photos of C-section scars, or “guilt scars,” as they refer to them, on Facebook with a host of harsh opinions on the topic. Not surprisingly, moms all around the world who have undergone a C-section are outraged. Some are sharing the group’s page and imploring friends to report the group for hate speech. The identity of the individuals behind the group appears to be a bit of a mystery. Some speculate the shadowy group is run by an extreme Christian sect. What is known is that the extremist opinions being disseminated are basically upsetting moms everywhere. Not cool.

Read the full story at Vocativ.


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