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UConn women’s basketball players barred from Twitter

The UConn women’s basketball team does pretty much anything it wants on the basketball court. Recent evidence of that is the team’s dominating 105-54 win over Texas this weekend to advance to the Elite Eight. They’ve also won each of the last two National Championships. Off the court, however, there’s one thing they are strictly not allowed to do during the season: tweet. For the last four years, the UConn coaching staff has made Twitter off-limits to the women on the team. “I put it to them this way: I’m saving them from themselves because there are adults and actors and athletes who at an emotional moment tweet something, and can never get that back,” associate head coach Chris Dailey said of the ban. It’s hard to argue with the results. Plus, the players aren’t prohibited from all social media. Coaches allow the women to use Facebook and Instagram because those platforms offer more nuanced privacy controls. So, they’re free to post filtered pictures of all their delicious meals–just like everybody else.

Read the full story at the New York Times.

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