Pay gap

Girls do more housework than boys — and are less likely to get paid for it

Alexey Novitsky/(CC BY-SA 2.0)

Does the wage gap start way before women join the workforce? We usually blame employers, but it looks like parents might discriminate against their own daughters, too. Boys do 43 to 46 minutes of housework for every hour of work done by girls, and are more likely to be paid an allowance for it. Girls also perform a wider range of chores. Boys and girls are equally likely to perform outdoor tasks, but girls are more likely to help out in the kitchen or help take care of siblings and pets. According to one study, boys are 15 percent more likely than girls to be “compensated” for their chores. And another study found that male babysitters take home, on average, $0.50 per hour more than females.

Read the full story at Sociological Images (via Pacific Standard).

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