Watch out, Hillary

Carly Fiorina will probably run for president

Gabriella Demczuk/The New York Times

Just last week, a new poll showed that America appears to be ready for a woman president. The 2016 race might get its first female candidate very soon. If Hillary Clinton doesn’t officially take the plunge first, Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and one of Clinton’s fiercest critics, said on “Fox News Sunday” that there is a “more than 90 percent” chance that she will seek the Republican nomination for president, adding that she would make the announcement in late April or early May. In the interview, Fiorina said she believes her executive experience will set her apart among the other GOP candidates. “I have a deep understanding of how the economy works, having started as a secretary and become the executive of the largest technology company in the world,” she said. Fiorina — who has said that Obama does not deserve credit for boosting the economy — also defended herself from opponents who portray her as an “unfeeling multi-millionaire,” saying that she had to make some tough decisions while she was struggling through the “worst technology recession” in 25 years. Ted Cruz is the only GOP candidate who has officially announced a campaign thus far, but with Jeb Bush “exploring” the option and Rand Paul and Marco Rubio expecting to announce their candidacies next month, Fiorina might add some much needed diversity to the GOP field.

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