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Whoa, really?

Woman, 22, forgives man who shot her in the head

By Andrew Tavani on March 28, 2015

A little more than a week ago, Kay Hafford was on her way to work in Houston when she was shot in the head by a man during a horrifying road rage incident. The suspect sped off. Bleeding, Hafford called 911 and was rushed to the hospital where she miraculously survived. She’s on her way to a full recovery and, perhaps even more miraculous than surviving the attack, she’s found it in her heart to forgive the shooter, who remains at large. “I forgave him right away,” she told ABC News. “All I ask is for him to have a heart and turn himself in.” In case he doesn’t have a heart, which is likely, here’s a sketch of the suspect. Feel free to turn him in to authorities if you spot him.

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