“Feminist beer” seeks to combat sexist tropes of beer ads


Beer tends to bring out the worst side of the advertising industry: all too often, ads for otherwise respectable brews feature men scoring scantily-clad women who just can’t resist their beer-induced manliness. But Cerveja Feminista, a new red ale from a creative activist group in Brazil, seeks to combat the sexist tropes that have become an ingrained part of the way beer is marketed. Aside from containing the word “feminist” in its name, Cerveja Feminista comes wrapped in a gender-neutral and thoroughly dignified label. “Media shapes how society sees itself,” Thais Fabris, one of the founders of the project, told Fast Company. “If we can stop advertising that stereotypes women, we are changing an important part of our culture.” Cheers to that.

Read the full story at Fast Company.

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