Mariel Hemingway accuses Woody Allen of wooing her as a teenager

Todd Heisler/The New York Times

In a new memoir, actress Mariel Hemingway accuses Woody Allen of trying to seduce her when she was 18 and he was in his mid-forties. Hemingway–who starred opposite Allen as his high-school love interest in his 1979 masterpiece, Manhattan–says he flew to her parents’ house in Idaho to invite her on a trip to Paris. “Our relationship was platonic, but I started to see that he had a kind of crush on me,” she writes. She declined his invitation, she says, when he wouldn’t guarantee her her own hotel room. Journalists are already siding with Hemingway. Jezebel sees her claim as an opportunity to call Allen a “garbage human;” Salon writer Erin Keane says she’ll never see Manhattan the same way. You can read the story yourself when Hemingway’s book, Out Came the Sun, is published on April 7.

Read the full story at Vanity Fair.

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