Here we go again

“Instagram Hoes” not welcome at American Apparel casting calls?

Brian Harkin/The New York Times

According to a leaked email from a casting agency, American Apparel does not want “Instagram hoes” modeling its metallic disco pants. “Company is going through a rebranding image so will be shooting models moving forward. Real models. Not Instagram hoes or THOTS,” read a message from Photogenics, the company that handles American Apparel’s Casting. (THOT, just so you know, is an acronym for “that hoe over there”). Photogenics director Phira Luon has said that the comments were “an inappropriate, off-color joke that was not intended to defame the client’s name or philosophy/views in any way.” But this is only the latest in a slew of scandals that have tarnished American Apparel’s reputation. The company has previously drawn criticism for its hyper-sexualized ads. In December of last year, CEO Dov Charney was fired after allegations surfaced that he had, among other things, held an employee in his home as a “sex prisoner.”

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