Tell it like it is

Cate Blanchett to interviewer: “That’s your f****ing question?”

Monica Almeida/The New York Times

The #AskHerMore campaign, which encourages red carpet reporters to ask female celebrities substantial and thoughtful questions, has gained tremendous support on social media and from celebs themselves. But it seems that The Project TV host Jonathan Hyla didn’t quite get the memo. During a junket interview for Cinderella, Hyla asked Cate Blanchett a goofy question about her character’s pet: “How were you able to get that cat to do what you wanted to do on a leash?” In response, Blanchett gave him a healthy dose of stink eye and said, “That’s your f****ing question?” She wasn’t being entirely serious: Blanchett and Hyla had been kidding around from the start of the interview. But can we sign some sort of petition that would make “That’s your f****ing question?” the standard red carpet response to “Who are you wearing tonight?”

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