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Broadway’s Audra McDonald takes down Indiana governor over anti-LGBT bill

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed the controversial “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” into law, but Audra McDonald isn’t having any of it — and she made it known loud and clear. The new bill allows companies to cite religious freedom when they are being sued by a private party. This is seen as a thinly veiled effort to legalize discrimination against the LGBT community, since business owners would be allowed to refuse service to same-sex couples, for example. Broadway and television star Audra McDonald, took to Twitter for a glorious takedown of Pence, ahead of two planned performances in the state, saying “Some in my band are gay & we have 2 gigs in your state next month. Should we call ahead to make sure the hotel accepts us all?” She then went on to ask him for a list of places where it’s okay for them to go and ironically suggested that she should maybe fire the gay members of her band, or just not sing in “states that legislate hate.” The singer decided, however, that she is not canceling the performances, but will instead be donating her earnings to two organizations fighting for equality, the Human Rights Campaign and Freedom Indiana. And the Tony for Best Equal Rights Defender goes to…

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