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Behind the hazmat suit: The women who fought Ebola

These selfless women fought the deadly virus on the front lines — often without proper resources

“What’s so unusual about Ebola is that it’s a disease that defines the way you live, the way you love and the way you die, ” UNICEF spokeswoman Sarah Crowe said. As the number of Ebola cases is on the decline, Crowe shared with Women in the World images of the story of Ebola that is often overlooked — one of brave women who courageously cared for their stricken loved ones despite a lack of resources and medical infrastructure. In looking to a future free from outbreaks, Crowe stressed the importance of honoring these women and learning from the examples they set.

To learn more about what UNICEF is doing to prevent and eliminate Ebola, visit their site.


5 thoughts on “Behind the hazmat suit: The women who fought Ebola

  1. Martu and the women who helped, and are still helping to fight Ebola are an example for all of us to follow. They are wonderful inspiration women who deserve gratitude from the entire world what a wonderful way to close out Women’s History Month

    1. I wish to find as many women trained to work as car-mechanics together and equally with men car-mechanics. I wish to see as much devotion for equality of rights between man and woman
      God bless her

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