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America more ready than ever for a woman president


In a new poll, two-thirds of respondents say America is ready to elect a female president — a remarkable increase since 1996 and 2007. That could be great news for Hillary Clinton who is expected to announce her 2016 candidacy possibly any day now. During her first run for president in 2008, only slightly more than half of those polled believed the country was ready to elect a woman as its leader. What is perhaps most surprising (or encouraging) is that the change is coming from the women. In previous polls, men were more inclined to say “yes” when asked if the country was ready for a woman president — now those numbers are almost the same, with 66 percent of men and 67 percent of women answering yes. And while there are still large partisan differences when it comes to this question, the majority of voters among Democrats, Independents and Republicans have finally accepted what is already a reality in countries as diverse as Germany, Brazil or Liberia: that women are at least as qualified as men to lead a country.

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