Brazilian girls protesting to end street harassment in Rio

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Women in Brazil are fighting against rampant street harassment through Hollaback, a global movement that began in New York. “Street harassment acts as a gateway crime, opening the door for perpetrators to move toward more serious expressions of violence,” wrote Hollaback founder and executive director Emily May. Schoolgirls have rallied with signs stating, “Our uniform is not your sexual fantasy,” while others Hula-Hooped or held posters of women like Rosa Parks to protest Rio’s male chauvinism. Through social media and street activism, locals are also mobilizing to voice their frustrations under the thumb of their new conservative Congress. About one million dangerous abortions occur in Brazil every year, and funding for domestic violence shelters and daycares is predicted to end. As the country with the seventh most reported murders of women, Brazil is certainly in dire need of change.

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