Big win

A Supreme Court victory for pregnant workers

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The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled in favor of Peggy Young, who had sued her employer, UPS, for pregnancy discrimination. When she became pregnant in 2006, Young was advised by her doctor that she could lift no more than 20 pounds, after which she asked to be accommodated for lighter lifting. UPS refused, so Young took the case to the courts. The case hinged on whether employers are required by the Pregnancy Discrimination Act to accommodate pregnant workers who have physical limitations on the work they can perform. The 6-3 majority Supreme Court decision has now given her another chance to argue her discrimination case, by sending it back to the lower courts, which originally threw out her case before it even went to trial. In the majority decision, liberal justice Stephen Breyer wrote that “there is a genuine dispute as to whether UPS provided more favorable treatment to at least some employees whose situation cannot reasonably be distin­guished from Young’s.” Her lawyer, Samuel Begentos contended this was a big win, not just for Peggy, but for all the women in the workplace: “It’s a big step forward towards enforcing the principle that a woman shouldn’t have to choose between her pregnancy and her job.”

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