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Woman, 29, may be world’s youngest granny (Updated)


How do you become the world’s youngest grandmother? One way is to give birth to a girl when you’re 12-years-old, and then, 11 years later, witness your pre-teen daughter give birth to a child. That’s what happened to now 29-year-old Romanian Rifca Stanescu, who was just 23 when her grandson was born. Although there’s no listing in the Guinness World Records, she very possibly could have been the world’s youngest grandmother. “I am happy to be a grandmother but wished more for Maria,” Stanescu said about her daughter, who dropped out of school when she was 10 to get married. Stanescu lives in a gypsy community where it’s common to marry at a young age. Her 6-year-old grandson Ion is already engaged to a 12-year-old girl. We’ll have to check in on Stanescu in a decade to see if she’ll hold the title for the world’s youngest great-grandmother, too.

Read the full story at The Daily News.

*Correction: This article misstated the ages of Stanescu, her daughter, and her grandson. Stanescu is now 29-years-old, her daughter is 17-years-old, and her grandson is 6-years-old. They were originally reported to be 25-years-old, 11-years-old, and 2-years-old, respectively.

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