Obama meets group of 6-year-old robot-building girls


Making his traditional tour of the White House Science Fair, President Obama had the honor of meeting a group of 6-year-old superheroes this week. The Girl Scouts, from Oklahoma, each wore matching Superman capes and were the youngest inventors selected to take part at this year’s fair. They created a Lego robot that can turn pages, helping patients with mobility issues to read books, inspired by conversations with one of the girls’ grandmother and their librarian. They told the president that it was just a prototype and that they had come up with the idea during a brainstorming session — after which one of the girls asked Obama if he’d ever taken part in a brainstorming session. Obama laughed, saying he’d been in a few but “never came up with anything this good!” The biggest takeaway from all this however, was formulated by Suzanne Dodson, one of the girls’ mother and the team’s coach: “It really is a problem with girls, when they get to middle school, they lose confidence in their own ability to succeed in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math),” she said. “Having this experience at a young age really gives them a confidence boost.” The future geniuses were rewarded with a group hug from the commander-in-chief. Watch the entire adorable exchange here.

Read the full story at Mother Jones.

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