To catch a predator

2 years after molesting a sleeping woman, man is finally arrested

One early Sunday morning, Elisa Lopez was sound asleep on a New York City subway train when Carlos Chuva allegedly slid his hand up her skirt. After fellow passengers screamed at him to stop and Lopez awoke from her nap, Chuva managed to escape. The video of the sexual assault, captured on a cellphone by another rider, found its way online and went viral. Lopez reportedly said she was “in disbelief” when she saw it. But then she realized that, to her advantage, the suspect’s face was now splashed all over the Internet. She seized the opportunity and launched a social media campaign to find her attacker. Although it remains unclear how Chuva was tracked down, police arrested him last Thursday. It also remains unclear how this incident happened on a train full of passengers on a Sunday morning — and how many attackers continue to lurk because they didn’t become viral video stars.

Read the full story on Gawker.

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