Woman power

In Ghana, movies to depict strong female lead characters

A scene from “V-Republic.” Sparrow Productions

Shirley Frimpong-Manso is creating a space for women in Ghana’s film industry to portray fiercer and bolder roles like their American counterparts. Bothered by how African films depict women as weak and passive, and how audiences, both local and international, would perceive that, she is attempting to change these depictions by showing a more realistic picture of the women around her. By creating movies that more female centric and dominated, she is changing the tone of conversation — both about women onscreen and behind the scenes. In a country where inequality persists and there is a gender gap when it comes to equal opportunities, she hopes that her work will allow female artists to grow and be respected as well as recognized on a global stage.

Read the full story at Al Jazeera America.

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