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Seeking justice

Afghanistan arrests 26 after woman is burned to death

By Cynthia Allum on March 23, 2015

Twenty-six people have been arrested in the investigation of the death of a 27-year-old woman in Afghanistan. Farkhunda was beaten by a mob, set on fire, and hurled off a bridge in Kabul last week. Protesters gathered to demand justice for the brutal murder, which was allegedly incited by a local mullah after Farkhunda accused him for distributing false Koran verses. Although initial reports claimed that she was beaten for burning the Koran, her parents have insisted said that Farkhunda was a religious teacher who taught the Koran to children. Police officials are being investigated as well on accusations that they failed to intervene and stop the attack. Although men are traditionally pallbearers, women carried Farkhunda’s casket to her grave over the weekend, a macabre demonstration of their yearning for equality.

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